KPOP BTS Bracelet


A lot of BTS merchandises have been making headlines in the past few years like medallion necklaces, statement earrings, hair clips, etc. Now, our website has one more accessory to add in our collection – the BTS Bracelets. For a very long time, bracelets have been overlooked; however this season, you will be able to charm everyone around you with dainty, colorful, and charming bracelets and fill out your Instagram feed.

Oversized and stacked bracelets are the perfect companions to your chunky knits while single bracelets will sit perfectly over your roll necks. Colored bracelets will give you an expensive makeover. Today, bracelets are coming back into fashion, and the boys at BTS are making sure they do!

How do I choose the right bracelet?

To incorporate your bracelets into your outfits for all occasions, read on more below:

Always consider your event

When you are selecting the bracelet you are going to wear, you need to consider the environment as well. When you are at work, you do not want the bracelet to make a lot of noise and disrupt the work environment. Hence the bracelet you wear should be stylish and thin. Make sure the bracelet is neutral, but do not be afraid to make a statement.

Mix and match

Your ultimate goal is to not load your arms with several bracelets. For the most elegant and classy look, you can wear a single bracelet on one arm; it will really set a look off! But, as said above, you should not be afraid to take risks. If you think two bracelets suits you, wear it. Try as many patterns and colors possible. Multiple bracelets will look good with the right outfit.

Sticking to one metal

While it is always good to mix and match, you should remember that you need to stick with one type of metal. While you might get tempted to mix silver bracelet with a gold one, it might look messy and will not give you the results that you might be looking for.

In our website, we have many different BTS bracelets in our collection, just for you! They have been designed by the most creative people in the field; you will definitely love them! Our shipping process is fast as well. Just select the bracelet you want and click on the checkout box. Once the payment is done, the product will be delivered to your within two-three working days.