Bt21 Hoodie & Sweater


Bt21 Hoodies are something inspired by the very popular BTS group. If you love the concept of Bt21, then these exciting Bt21 hoodies are definitely a thing for you. Our website offers an exclusive range of Bt21 merchandise. This merchandise is something you are definitely going to fall in love with. So, wait no more and head to our online store to claim these Bt21 hoodies at exciting prices! 

What do you mean by “Bt21”?

The concept of Bt21 comes from LINE Friends Creators. It is the first representation of that project. BTS, a South-Korean music band, was the first one to work on this concept. Here, the term “Bt21” suggests the bond between Line Friends and BTS in a sense of popularity in the whole world.

In addition to all, the term “Bt21” elongates to the BTS group and the 21st Century. This entire concept came out in October 2017 after officially released by Line Friends. Bt21 comprises of eight special characters, which were designed by the BTS group. The names of these characters are Chimmy, Tata, RJ, Koya, Shooky, Cooky, Mang, and Van.

How to style Bt21 Hoodies?

When it comes to hoodies, you should know how to select the best one for your body type. It is really essential for nailing the current trend. With keeping these things in mind, let’s learn about how to style a hoodie!

As you know, one can carry hoodies in endless ways. You can pair them up with any pair of jeans and kill the look. If you choose black Bt21 hoodie, it is best to pair them with everything black. It will offer a cook and trendy look for chilling winters.

The best way to style Bt21 hoodies is to go with black jeans or some denim jacket. Make sure the hoodie and the jacket resemble the same color in different shades. It will add up a little depth to your overall outfit.

Not just black jeans, you can wear these Bt21 hoodies with a nice pair of blue jeans. Do not forget to put on your best sneakers with this look. Definitely, it is the most comfortable way of carrying this Bt21 hoodie.

If you are not much into colors, go with decent white Bt21 hoodies. Pair these hoodies with black overcoats to enjoy a casual look. Now, it is time to buy some Bt21 hoodies. Check our store and shop for your perfect look!