BT21 Keychains


Looking for a cute, subtle way to showcase your love for BTS? Our BT21 keychain collection is guaranteed to be the perfect choice. These vibrantly colored keychain charms feature your favorite BT21 characters, and make the perfect statement to add a touch of fanatical fun to your bag, wallet, or whatever other personal item you want to customize.

What is BT21?

The BT21 characters are cute, funny, colorful cartoons that each have their own personalities. And of course, because they represent each member of BTS, it’s hard to resist collecting them all. Below are some of the characters:-

  • Shooky – One tough cookie with a spunky attitude. The original creation of BTS member Suga, inspired by the many different expressions of his beloved dog, Holly.
  • Cooky – With a badass attitude similar to Shooky (who happens to be his best friend), Cooky is a small pink bunny who loves to work out. Jungkook says he was inspired by his incessant desire to keep improving his physique.
  • Koya – RM designed Koya – a sleepy blue koala. This adorable cartoon has removable ears and a big purple nose that was intended to represent love. RM chose the koala because he always thought they were really cute.
  • RJ – RJ is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky alpaca who wears a parka because he often feels cold. He was designed by Jin who says he used to love drawing alpacas way before they were commissioned for the project.
  • Chimmy – The playful puppy in the yellow body suit is Chimmy, and the brainchild of Jimin. The bandmate claims that the puppy is the best representation of the band because of their cheerful nature.
  • Mang – Mang is a break dancing pony with lots of different meanings behind his name. Designed by J-Hope, this character loves to dance, but also tries to keep his identity a mystery by wearing a mask.
  • Tata – V designed the character Tata, a heart-shaped alien with transformative powers. He can stretch and bend to any length and shape, making him an interesting addition to the fun group of cartoons.
  • Van – Van was designed by LINE creators and was intended to protect the rest of the BTS members. In essence, Van represents A.R.M.Y.

BT21 Keychain Summary

Browse through our product line-up including different BT21 keychain designs and discover the perfect, wallet-friendly accessory to add to your growing BTS merchandise collection.