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Most of you K-pop fans must have seen petite and cute little characters in your free sticker option in messaging apps like Facebook or LINE. Did you know that they were related to global K-pop stars, BTS? Yes, BT21 is a group of animated characters that are created by this famous boy band from South Korea. If you fall for BT21’s animated charms, you will be lead to the world of BTS in a different manner.

Let us go through the entire concept of BT21 here.

Line Friends

Line Friends have featured characters that are based on stickers from Line, a messaging app. It was released by Line Corporation in 2011. These characters are used in various projects like theme parks, hotels, cafés, games, and animations. Kang Byeongmok, or also known as Mogi, created these original characters in 2011.

The Line Friends characters are James, Moon, Brown, Cony, Sally Jessica, Boss, Edward, Leonard, Choco (Brown’s younger sister), and Pangyo (Choco’s boyfriend).

BT21 Merch

The first presentation from Line Friends Creators, BT21 is a project that was formed to create a new line of characters for the Line Friends series. The boys from BTS were chosen as the first artists for this project. Additionally, the project also wanted to show the connection between Line Friends and BTS in terms of popularity around the world.

BT21 contains eight special characters made by BTS. These characters were designed and based on the sketches and original ideas by the boy band. The entire designing aspect can be seen on the official YouTube channel of BT21.

The name, BT21, is a combination of BTS (name of the boy band) and 21st Century, which implies that the name of this collaboration should signify the message that BTS and 21st Century would live on for the next 100 years. BT21 was launched officially in 2017.

What are some great BT21 merchandises you will find in the market?

At the BT21 store, you will find a lot of different BT21 merchandises. Some of them include:

  • BT21 Headband – The BT21 is a colorful piece of fabric that you can wear on the top of your head as a decorative piece. Our line of headbands is made of the best elastic material available so that it fits snugly around your head without slipping out.
  • BT21 Keychain – The BT21 keychain is made of a robust mix of plastic and metal so that you do not lose your keys anywhere. You can choose between several BT21 character’s heads as the eye-catching designs. The materials used to make these keychains will last you for a long time to come.
  • BT21 Popsocket  – Popsockets are circular discs that are slapped on the backside of your phone. These sockets are very popular and help you get a grip and stop dropping your appliance. Again, you can choose between the faces of different BT21 characters as your design.
  • BT21 Slippers – Our line of BT21 slippers is well-designed, comfortable and cozy. You can wear them when walking around your home, doing chores, or simply while lounging. Our BT21 slippers will make you feel comfortable with each step.
  • BT21 Hoodies – Nothing says ‘beat the cold’ better than our line of BT21 hoodies. They are made of the best wool and fabric available in the market. We guarantee that you will feel all cozy and snugly in our hoodies. The designs are made by the most creative artists from around the world.
  • BT21 Stickers – If you are looking for the best BT21 stickers, there is no need to look further. We strive to sell only the most perfect stickers. They are easy to apply or re-apply, if necessary. You can stick them on any surface and easily removable as well.
  • BT21 Plushies – Our line of BT21 plush is made from the best materials. They are designed to last for a long time and will not wear-and-tear down easily. If you plan on gifting a child with a BT21 plushy, you can do so because this product is not made of any harmful materials or chemicals.
  • BT21 Phone Case – If you are looking for something that will protect your phone from a bad fall, you can always choose our BT21 phone cases. Yes, the materials used to make these cases are sturdy enough to protect your phone from a bad fall. Plus, the BT21 characters look great as a design as well!

BT21 Clothes Merch Summary

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