BTS BT21 Stickers


Maybe your laptop looks a little boring, or maybe you want to add a little KPOP flair to your locker at school. How exactly can you customize things that aren’t necessarily designed to showcase your style or aesthetic? Easy – with stickers. Stickers are an easy, quick, and affordable way to add a personalized touch to a variety of your personal items. Just slap them on and breathe new life into your everyday essentials.

If you’re a BTS fan, the first thing that might have popped into your head when considering the possibility of personalization is BTS stickers. In that case, you’ve come to the right shop. We offer an assortment of BTS stickers, including colorful BT21 stickers that are sure to help you customize anything and everything you want. Get affordable BT21 stickers here and enjoy adding a touch of KPOP flair to anything and everything you own.

Variety You Can’t Beat

Have you tried checking other online shops for their KPOP products? You might have found their selection to be underwhelming. That’s why we’ve become one of the most popular shops for anything to do with BTS. Our wide assortment of products promises to help you find exactly what you need every time you pay us a visit. Enjoy browsing through endless lists of items that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Our BT21 stickers are just some of the items we provide our shoppers. These high-quality, colorful, vibrant stickers come in close to a hundred of different designs and prints. Find stickers for each BT21 character, or get your hands on exclusive designs that feature all 8 of these lovable cartoons.

Fun, Colorful Designs

The BT21 characters were designed to be fun and cute, which is why we make sure our stickers give them justice. Each one of our BT21 stickers showcases the adorable nature and personality of your favorite characters. Find stickers that feature each one of the 8 cute cartoons, or choose BT21 stickers that showcase all of them together. Whatever you prefer, you can be certain that our wide assortment of colorful, vibrant designs will satisfy.

How to Apply Your BT21 Stickers

There’s a whole lot more to attaching a sticker than just peeling off the backing and slapping it on. Make sure to clean the surface that you’ve chosen and remove any debris, dirt, or dust to allow the adhesive to stick more reliably. Once you’re certain that you’ve cleaned the entire surface, peel off one side of the protective backing from your sticker and lay the exposed part of the adhesive down on your chosen surface.

Rub it gently yet firmly to remove any bubbles underneath. Slowly peel away the rest of the backing, pressing down on the sticker as you move along. Apply your sticker on your laptop, your mobile phone case, file folders, walls, lockers, doors, and even your car to help customize anything and everything you have with unique BTS flair.