BTS Choker


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BTS Necklace vs. Choker: Know the Difference

A BTS necklace is a piece of jewelry that people wear around the neck. It constitutes a string of metal along with a pendant attached to it. On the other hand, a BTS choker is also a piece of ornamental fabric or jewelry that the BTS fans wear as a necklace but a bit tighter to one’s throat.

A BTS necklace is a short necklace that fits around the neck perfectly irrespective of its width. It rests above your collarbone while falling along the neck base. Most of the BTS fans wear this choker to show their passion towards the music band. When it comes to a BTS choker, there is a wide variety of materials like beads and ribbons to premium gems.

How to wear a BTS choker?

BTS chokers are versatile and flattering accessories. They can add the final touch to any casual outfit. In order to wear a choker properly, you need to select the size, color, and adjust the same to make it fit the neck. Meanwhile, you can even pair your choker with a BTS necklace. So, style the choker to suit your outfit needs.

Find a choker

Firstly, you have to check out a material that complements your outfit as well as feels comfortable while wearing around the neck. One can select from fabrics like velvet, lace, single strip, or ribbon. There are also options available like leather, metal, beads, or plastic.

Size and Color

Make sure you go with perfect measurements like width and length. When it comes to color, it is best to go with basics like silver, black, or white. If you want it to be simple, you can go with a thin velvet strip or delicate chain. Now, shop for a BTS choker and rock your outfit like never before.