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Bts Hats

Hats have cemented themselves as eternally stylish men’s accessories. From snapbacks and fedoras to bucket hats and baseball caps, hats are functional, versatile, and add a lot of style to your look. Our line of BTS Hats is suitable for all seasons and practical as well. Whether it is snow, shine, hail or rain, our line of BTS hats will keep you sheltered and will also look great on you! They can finish off any eclectic, classy, or casual ensemble in a simple yet inspired way.

How do you store your hat?

When you are putting your hat on a smooth and flat surface, make sure to lay it upside down on its crown, not the brim. If left on the brim side, it will cause the hat to flatten and change shape.

Alternatively, you can also suspend your hat on a peg or hat rack. Ensure that the peg or hook is broad enough so as to not form a dimple in the hat. If you think that the hook is too sharp for your liking, cut a tennis ball into half and place it over the hook; this will create a wider platform for your hat. You need to ensure that the hat is not stored on a peg for long periods of time as it can lead to changing its shape.

If you are planning on storing your hat for a long period of time, you can purchase a specialized hat box that supports both the crown and the brim. Make use of cedar or lavender to keep bugs and moths away from your hat.

How do you clean a hat?

It is very easy to clean your hat. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

  • If you think your hat is looking dirty, make use of a brush to brush it. The brush should have a soft bristle on it. Even if you do not see any dust, make sure that you give the hat a good brushing.
  • To remove dust, you can use a slightly damp cloth to remove them. Once done, you can leave it to dry under your fan.
  • To remove stains and smudges, mark the spot first. Then, you can use cleaners made for hats to clean off the stains.

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