Bts Lightstick


If you are looking for the best BTS accessories like BTS Lightstick, BTS hoodies, or BTS keychains, you have landed at the right page. Our team has a strong love for BTS, a multi-award winning boy band from South Korea. You will see that we have lined up only the best products that every member of the BTS Army should own.

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How to take care of your lightstick?

Taking care of your lightstick is very easy. Here are some ways:

  • Do not store the lightstick in a hot place
  • Do not put the lightstick in water
  • When not in use, make sure to remove the batteries
  • For different kinds of each battery, be sure to follow the instructions
  • Never disassemble the lightstick as it may cause damage to the product or dangerous accidents
  • Do not apply pressure on the lightstick as it may cause deformation and damage
  • Store the product in such a place that children below the age of six cannot reach it easily
  • Do not throw or strike the lightstick
  • Make sure not to stare at the light directly

In the k-pop culture, a lightstick is so much more than just glow sticks for concerts. While holding a glowing item in dark concert venue is quite practical, lightsticks are used to display the fans’ strength and unity more often. Artists are able to look out into the crowd and see their trademark lightsticks being waved.

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