KPOP BTS Sweaters


Looking for a fun, fashionable way to display your love for BTS even in the cold, wet weather? Our BTS sweater collection might help. Find an assortment of different sweater designs and experience comfort like no other when you buy from our BTS sweater selection. We use only the best fabrics and prints to give you exceptional quality that you can be proud to wear whenever you step outside.

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A Sweater Design for Every ARMY Member

Even if the entire A.R.M.Y. is part of the same family, each member still has unique preferences. There will be certain BTS members that stick out more to you, and you might have a unique bias when it comes to the kind of aesthetic that you find pleasing. That’s why we make sure to cater to every discriminating taste with our assortment of BTS sweater designs.

Choose a sweater that will showcase your love for your favorite BTS member, or get one that encapsulates the whole group with a single word. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to find the right BTS sweater to meet your expectations and satisfy you’re unique style.

Deciding on the Right Size

Lots of people use sweaters to layer their look, or to add extra warmth especially during the cold, wet months. Our sweaters are naturally slightly larger than the typical sizes to help you fit clothing underneath. Consider your usual size and step up by at least one or two sizes to find the right fit if you plan to use your BTS sweater for layering. If you want to use it as a stand-alone clothing piece, go with your usual size.

If you’re looking for exact measurements, or if you’re feeling a little flustered on what size to choose, you can reach out to us for help. We’ll provide you accurate dimensions for your chosen sweater so you can figure out whether it will be the ideal fit for you.

How to Properly Care for Your BTS Sweater

The last thing you’d want would be to damage your own BTS sweater. While we do vouch for their quality, we also know that certain practices can easily cause damage on your sweater and make it unwearable. 

  • For light colored sweaters, avoid washing with darker fabrics. Dark colored clothes can bleed into water and stain other light colored materials around it. Always wash light colored BTS sweaters with similar colored items.
  • For dark colored BTS sweater designs, avoid washing with lighter fabrics. Soak your dark sweater in cold water and wash it on its own for the first three washes. If you suspect that the fabric no longer bleeds dye into the water, then you can wash it with similar colored fabrics.
  • Always use mild laundry detergent on your BTS sweater. If there are any stains, refrain from using harsh bleaching agents that could significantly damage the fabric and the print.
  • Hand wash any stains. Avoid using brushes or other laundry tools that might be too abrasive for your BTS sweater. If the stain can’t be removed in one wash, try to work on it over several washes to slowly fade it out.