BTS Earrings


BTS is one of the most iconic boy bands to emerge from South Korea. Naturally, with fame come band merchandises. One of the most popular accessories is the BTS Earrings. On our website, you will see some of the most creative earrings for BTS fans around the world. They represent BTS and a fitting thing to own for the BTS Army!

How to choose earrings according to the shape of your face?

Earrings can make your face look fat, long, thin, or wide, depending on the shape of your face.

Inverted triangle-shaped face

If your forehead is the widest part of your head and tapers down to a pointy chin, you have an inverted triangle-shaped face. To balance this shape, you need to choose a pair of earrings that removes the emphasis of your wide forehead and creates an illusion of width at your jawline. Teardrop or chandelier earrings will work quite well.

Round face

If you have a circular face, this means that your face is the widest at the cheekbones with no taper. For this shape, you can wear dangle or drop earrings that will make your face look eloigned and slimmer. You should avoid button, studs, hoops and large circular earrings that will make your face look a lot rounder.

Square face

People with wide and square jaws and have the same widths on the jawline and forehead need to soften their face’s hard edges. For this face shape, you can opt for earrings that are long or medium, with round edges. Hoop earrings, circular earrings, or any other oval-shaped earrings will work just as well..

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