BTS Plushies & Dolls


No BTS collection is complete without adorable BTS plushies. Exclusively designed for the Bangtan Boys’ fans, our BTS plushies are an essential for any A.R.M.Y. member. We deliver high quality BTS plushies that can make the perfect decorative touch that you can add to your shelves, your bed, or your work desk.

Collect all 7 of the BTS members or get your hands on just your favorites. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our BTS plushies provide premium quality for superb comfort, feel, and durability that will stand the test of nightly cuddles for many years down the line.

Different Sizes and Designs to Choose From

Are you looking for a big BTS plushie that you can add to your space? Or were you more interested in finding a design that can sit comfortably on your work desk and give you the motivation to complete the day’s work? Whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it through our extensive collection of BTS plushies.

We offer a wide array of designs that are specially developed to help you expand your collection. Buy one plushie to represent each of the Bangtan Boys, or choose one from our colorful collection of BT21 plushies. We promise you’ll find something new every time you pay our store a visit.

How to Care for Your BTS Plushies

It’s only normal for your BTS plushies to get dirty over time. That’s just what happens when they’re exposed to dirt and other contaminants in your space. To bring your BTS plushie back to its original bright, light appearance, make sure you practice the right care techniques to keep it in premium condition.

Wash your plushie in cold water with mild laundry detergent. Avoid loading it into a washing machine and try to hand wash gently as much as possible. Do not wash your plushies with dark colored fabrics, and avoid adding it in with other pieces of clothing. Once you’ve thoroughly washed away any stains or discoloration, hang it to dry and avoid exposing it to direct heat or sunlight.

Only wash your BTS plushies when necessary. Avoid washing it too often as it might work away the stitches or damage the fabric.

The Ultimate KPOP Destination

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