BTS Stickers


There’s just something about having your favorite band or musician close to you at all times that can lift your mood. Just slapping something as simple as a band sticker on your stuff can make them feel extra special and important! That’s why we offer an extensive collection of BTS stickers among other merchandise to help you customize your belongings and keep the Bangtan Boys within reach anytime, anywhere!

Our premium stickers are made from high quality materials. Their strong adhesive can keep them in place for years without you having to worry about them falling off or peeling away. The vibrant prints and colors are equally impressive, offering you a detailed image of the boys you hold near and dear. Discover more about our BTS stickers and why they’re perfect for any BTS fan by checking our extensive array of choices!

An Extensive Selection of BTS Stickers

Through their popularity, the boy band BTS has become one of the main players in the KPOP scene. That’s why they’ve become the center of a whirlwind of merchandise sales. From BTS shirts, to hoodies, shoes, and everything in between, these boys have sparked a unique South Korean culture all on their owne.

Where Can You Use BTS Stickers?

Our stickers are specially designed for use on a variety of surfaces. Phone cases, notebooks, folders, lockers, and even cars. Their reliable adhesive keeps them in place through a variety of conditions. But it helps to make sure you’ve chosen the optimal use for them. Avoid sticking them on uneven surfaces that might often be moist or exposed to extreme heat. It also pays to make sure that you’ve wiped the surface clean before application to help the adhesive surface stick as closely as possible.

Our BTS stickers can last several years before they start to peel off. Note that residual adhesive may remain on the surface after you’ve removed the sticker. Rub it away with soapy water to remove the residue and reveal the original appearance of the item after the lifespan of your sticker wears out.